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            Plastic processing complete sets of mechanical equipment Qingdao Powertech Machinery Co.,Ltd. specializing in the production of high performance, high quality, is a research and development, production and management, technical services as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company belongs to Powertech (Hongkong) Co. Ltd, to provide all kinds of plastic pipe, plastic sheet, plastic profile, plastic recycling research and development, production line equipment and plastic machinery auxiliary equipment manufacturing.
            The company has advanced design system and experienced technical team, equipped with new product development test workshop. With strong technical force, advanced production equipment, scientific management, continue to introduce cutting-edge products in the industry, and to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship with many universities and research institutions, known as the market trend, to the fastest speed into the latest achievements in science and technology, products all over the country and exported to overseas countries and regions, especially in the area with Russian agent branch.
            The main plastic machinery products relate to plastic pipe production line, plastic sheet material equipment, plastic profile production equipment, plastic recycling granulator unit, plastic crushing unit and so on more than 20 series, more than 100 varieties.


            We provide perfect solutions for all kinds of plastic machinery products:

            Powertech machinery is a great importance to product quality and customer demand of enterprises. Therefore, we are in the production of the above product series, in full consideration of "energy efficient" premise, to ensure that the user "convenient, stable and safe" experience.

            Our promise:

            The products are of high quality and treat each customer sincerely. We listen to our customers and try our best to meet the needs of our clients and help you overcome the difficulties. This commitment is not only effective to our customers, agents, distributors, suppliers, and our employees, but also our commitment.We offer:

            • Advanced customized solutions
            • Complete product line
            • Deep drilling for many years of professional technology
            • An uncompromising standards
            Customer care

            We are committed to care for every customer's needs. We strictly carry out the customer service provision, in the service of each process, let you have the joyful mood. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our customer service team. We strive to achieve:

            • High quality and high efficiency;
            • frank、fair、polite;
            • Patience to listen to、A quick response;
            • To improve the professional knowledge and skills of team。
            Quality assurance

            The quality is the constant pursuit of the spirit of enterprise Powertech machinery. Our "quality control policy is not only let the products meet the standard, and than you expect。

            • 《Quality control policy》of the four core:
            • Strict quality management and auditing procedures
            • enthusiasm、Timely feedback to customers
            • Product improvement system
            Environmental responsibility

            Powertech machinery is a great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development of enterprises. Our products and systems have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy conservation and the sustainable development, at the same time, we know that holds the responsibility of the important environmental protectors.

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