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            New progress in wood plastic equipment

            Wood plastic composite is a material which is mixed and formed in a certain proportion of plastic material and plant fiber. It has the advantages of wood and plastic. It has similar wood appearance and two processing ability, low moisture absorption, corrosion resistance and insect resistance, and less maintenance. It is an excellent substitute for wood, plastic or metal materials for outdoor use. Substitute.

            Molding methods of wood plastic composites mainly include extrusion molding, injection molding and hot pressing. Extrusion process is widely used because of its short processing cycle, high efficiency and wide application. It is a relatively active topic in extrusion industry to mix wood powder and mix into structural profiles. Extrusion process has one step extrusion method and multi-step extrusion molding method. In actual production, if the wood material has high water content or complex product structure, it is often used in multi-step extrusion, but because of its high technological steps, the production cost is high.

            In recent years, progress has been made in wood plastic composites and processing technologies: the improvement of interfacial adhesion and uniformity of wood plastic composites; more beautiful wood texture appearance; < more color fading; coextrusion coating technology to improve rigidity and durability; to reduce weight and cost in order to improve the final nature. Development of energy foamed products.

            Extruder for wood plastic composite

            Wood plastic foam composites

            Due to its high density, high cost, high brittleness and poor toughness, wood plastic composites (WPC) are limited in some industrial applications as wooden alternatives.

            In recent years, the formation of micropores in wood plastic composites by adding foaming agents to wood plastic composites can passivate the crack tip and prevent the crack growth. The defects of wood plastic composites can be effectively controlled, and the wood plastic foam materials have been applied in automotive interior, space and decoration. Molding methods of wood plastic foam composites are molding, extrusion and injection molding, which is a new research field.